February 2017

Spotlight: The Upper Kenai River

The Kenai River has a long history of fishing tradition, and long before crowds of people descended upon the lower river to chase salmon, there was a salmon and trout fishery on the Upper Kenai River around Cooper Landing.  When you mention the Upper Kenai River nowadays, folks undoubtedly begin imagining the incredible Trout fishery, the abundant Sockeye runs, and a few may even remember that it also has a fantastic Silver Salmon fishery.     Perhaps the biggest allure when it comes to fishing the Upper Kenai River is the setting.  Giant snow-capped mountains surround you in every direction, the aqua-green waters are both unique and beautiful, and it’s not uncommon to spot moose, bear, eagle, and lots of other wildlife.     This is the only drift-boat-only stretch of the Kenai River by regulation,...

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Spotlight: Upper Kasilof River

There's no question that the Upper Kasilof is the least utilized stretch of boat-able water on the central Kenai Peninsula.  The question is why?  I still haven’t figured that out myself, and at the risk of advertising this “secret” stretch of water, I can’t help but promote all the great things it has to offer… incredible scenery, seclusion, the peaceful nature of drift boat fishing, great wildlife opportunities, and some darn good fishing!            The Upper Kasilof River starts at Tustumena Lake, the largest lake on the Kenai Peninsula at 73,437 acres.  Public access is at the end of Tustumena Lake Road, which is one of the major reasons the upper river is underutilized in my estimation.  The road is almost 10 miles long once you turn off the highway, and...

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Spotlight: Lower Kasilof River

It seems appropriate to start our spotlight series on one of the very first fisheries we tackle in the spring/summer season, the lower Kasilof!  This is the first post in our spotlight series, so stay tuned for more posts featuring more of your favorite fisheries in the near future! Close your eyes and imagine a river with a prolific run of hatchery King Salmon, the second biggest Sockeye salmon run on the Kenai Peninsula, a 2nd run of King Salmon with fish rivaling the largest salmon in the world, a great Silver Salmon run in the early fall, and the northernmost Steelhead fishery in North America...

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