October 2016

How Not To Be A Jerk On The Kenai

The Kenai River is a popular place to fish, for many reasons.  There are times of the year in which the traffic is heavy, both on shore as well as boats.  Heavy traffic lends itself to many opportunities for conflict, but if people follow a handful of simple rules, most of those conflicts can be avoided.   1. Don’t “Low Hole” Everyone knows the feeling of hitting your lines perfectly, expecting a bite at any second, only to have another boat run right up behind you only stopping once they’re basically on top of your gear… frustrating right?  Maybe you were going to get a bite, maybe not, but low-holing is uncool nonetheless.  Low-holing can happen when back-trolling, back-bouncing, drifting, and even while wading.  Just be considerate of others and remember that a...

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