Alaska Fishing Guides: Employees vs. Sub-Contractors

I’ve been getting this question a lot lately:   Does Fishology have guides of your own, or do you pawn us off on other guides?
The short answer to that question that we do both.
Fishology has a few highly trained guides that guide many of our trips. They’re all careful selected and trained to be top notch anglers and people, and they are both. We also use sub-contractors as well. It sounds like a bad thing, especially when you use the term “pawn off” but the reality is that it’s the perfect system if done correctly, and we work very hard at doing it correctly.
We spend countless hours evaluating the guide pool, and have a short list of guides that we know intimately, have built close relationships with, and wholeheartedly trust with our precious cargo (you). This doesn’t only allow us to ensure your guide is a great one, but also a great match for your specific wants and expectations.
This is the very reason we consistently earn 5-Star reviews and why you see so many smiles on the faces of our clients. Sure, there are some other great guides out there, but I can assure you that allowing us to use our vast experience to carefully select your guide is a significantly wiser option than playing “guide roulette” and booking with the first guide you come across.
You might get lucky, but surely you don’t want to risk your hard earned money, or your trip-of-a-lifetime, on luck.




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