7 Last Minute Christmas Gifts For The Fishermen In Your Life

1.       Simms Limited Edition G3 WQW Waders – There are so many great reasons to get these waders.  First of all, they’re really nice waders with all of Simms standard features including well positioned storage pockets, micro-fleece lining, a patented design that reinforces seams while still allowing for great comfort and mobility, etc.  Secondly, they’re awfully stylish with a unique camouflage accent on the bib and belt loops to impress all your envious fishermen friends.  And finally, when you purchase these waders Simms makes a donation to the Warriors and Quiet Waters Foundation, an organization that helps reintegrate traumatically combat-wounded U.S veterans and active duty service members from recent combat back into society.  Take a look at these unique and stylish waders here: http://www.simmsfishing.com/shop/waders/g3-guide-stockingfoot-wqw.html


2.       Loop Fly Rods – Loop may not occupy quite the same brand recognition that the Sage or Scott brands enjoy, but I’m here to tell you that Loop fly rods have every bit as much quality and attention to detail as the aforementioned brands.  The Cross is Loop’s top rod of choice, but the ingenuity and performance continues throughout the entire lineup of both single and two-handed rods.  If you need more information or want to purchase a Loop fly rod you can check their website at www.loopflyusa.com , and we’re lucky enough to have a very knowledgeable Loop rep right here on the Kenai!  Email him for more info about Loop products – lee.kuepper@gmail.com


3.       Custom flies by Pretty Fly for a White Guy – PF4WG is located right here on the Kenai, and although their flies can crossover to many other watersheds and species, they are truly customized for catching BIG trout on the Kenai River!  Their creator spends plenty of “product development” time on the water tuning in every aspect of his custom flies, and I’ve personally seen their potential realized on more than one “field testing” trip.  PF4WG’s focus is on fishing big flies for big fish… we all know the old saying, and it’s true.  Whether you’re swinging the “Love You Long Time Leech” or dead-drifting a “Dick-meat” sized flesh fly, you’ll be fishing with no shortage of innuendos, and likely catching no shortage of big trout!  www.prettyflyak.com



4.       A Guided Fishing Trip – Even the savviest of do-it-yourself anglers certainly enjoys a day on the water in which he/she takes no responsibility for preparation, maintenance, clean-up, or any of the other headaches that go along with enjoying a day of fishing.  Whether your fisherman is a total rookie that’s looking to get some instruction from a seasoned angler in order to jump-start their fishing interests, or an accomplished angler that just wants to relax and enjoy the freedom and comfort of being catered to for a day, a guided fishing trip is a no-brainer gift for all anglers!  And here’s a little tip from the pros:  If you purchase a trip for two, the recipient feels obligated to invite you to go along with!  Obviously it’s the perfect gift!  Contact Fishology now for info about Xmas gift certificate specials, and we’ll send you over a custom certificate to put under the tree. akfishology.com


5.       Riverfront Property – Okay, maybe this is a long shot and only applies to folks that happen to have a money tree growing in their back yard, but humor me for a moment… What an awesome gift!!!  And it’s something that can be enjoyed and appreciated by the whole family.  It’s truly the gift that keeps on giving (in the form of free boat parking, your own private fishing hole, and riverside sunsets accompanied by a cold one, or two).  And I haven’t even mentioned the investment angle on this most sublime gift.  Who doesn’t want a gift with the potential to grow in value over time?  That’s the kind of gift a guy or gal can get used to!  If you’re at all interested in some Kenai Peninsula real estate properties check out www.wacklerrealestate.com or email wacklerrealestate@gmail.com.


6.       Fish Art – Art can sometimes be a tricky thing to give as a gift, mostly because its value is so dependent upon each person’s specific taste.  But it’s a pretty darn safe bet that if you’re buying for a fisherman, they probably dig awesome pictures of fish!  I know I do.  Take a minute to check out Fish Eye Guy Photography, a business that specializes in shooting photos of fish in their natural, underwater habitat.  They even have a specific Alaska page with some great underwater shots of Trout, Char, Salmon, and Grayling.  Check out the website here at www.fisheyeguyphotography.com


7.       Membership to Trout Unlimited or Other Fishing Organization – What better way to give than with a membership to a non-profit organization that does good things for the environment and the fishing community?  When you purchase a TU membership, for example, some of that money goes towards conservation projects, fighting the good fight in fisheries politics, and educating the public regarding coldwater fishery issues.  The member will also get a subscription to Trout magazine, a fishing calendar, and be kept up to speed on all of TU’s local and national activities.  Sign up here at www.tu.org.


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