Alaska Fishing FAQ’s


What Do I Need to Bring On My Fishing Trips? 

We provide all the fishing equipment on each trip, so you’ll just need to bring along your fishing license, layered clothing, rain gear, sunglasses or glasses, lunch & drinks, and bring a cooler in your vehicle for transporting fillets after your trip.  We got the rest!


How Should I Dress? 

Alaskan summer and fall days can range from the 40’s in the mornings to the 80’s during the day. With that being said, you need to dress in LAYERS.  Start with warm socks and a base layer, then your pants, hoodie, jacket, and rain gear is a great way to start. Hopefully you’ll be layering down as the day goes along and be in a t-shirt by late morning, but it’s best to come ready for anything!


Will I Need Waders?

Some of our river fishing trips include fishing from the bank and waders will be needed on those trips. If you have your own waders, it’s a great idea to bring them with you. If you don’t, no worries because we have boots that you can borrow.


What’s Typical Gratuity?

Like many other service industry professionals, gratuity is a significant portion of a fishing guide’s income, and they work hard to earn it… A 15 to 20% gratuity is very much appreciated if you feel your guide has done a great job and earned it!


When Will I Get My Itinerary? 

We don’t send out specific details about your trips well in advance, and this makes some guests nervous, but I can assure you it’s all for a very good reason. Trips may be affected by changing regulations, fish runs, weather, tides, etc. so instructions for your trips will be communicated the day before each trip. This allows us to use all the latest information to give you the best odds at a successful trip.  If you’d like generic information about your trips we’re happy to provide as much info as we can upon request.


How Do I Get To My Fishing Trips? 

Whether you’re staying at one of our lodging options or elsewhere, you’ll need to drive to the meeting point for each fishing trip. We’ll provide specific directions the day beforehand, and if you want a general location/distance before that we’re happy to provide that info for you.


How Do I Take My Fish Home?

Your guides will fillet your fish on each trip and you’ll then transport them to a fish processor nearby or at your lodge.  At the end of your stay your frozen fillets can be packed into an insulated fish box, which you can check as luggage at the airport. These insulated boxes keep fish frozen for up to 48 hours, so you should be able to get your fish home and back in the freezer without an issue.   You can also have your frozen fish box mailed to you overnight, but the price of overnight shipping is very expensive, so most guests choose to fly with their fish boxes as luggage.


Do I Need To Worry About Sea Sickness? 

Sea sickness is not an issue on our river trips, but all saltwater fishing trips come with a risk of sea sickness for guests that are sensitive to it.  There are many preventative measures that can be taken such as the prescription patch, over the counter medications, and wearable bands such as the Relief Band.  The key to most sea sickness preventions is to start the treatment 24+ hours before your trip.


How Do I Get A Fishing License? 

You’ll need to have a fishing license for all trips, which can be purchased on the ADF&G website.  You’ll need to have your license printed or have it downloaded on the ADF&G app.


What’s Your Cancellation Policy? 

Our cancellation policy states that you’ll get a full refund if you cancel 90 or more days prior to your trip. To protect both yourself and us against losses that can occur as a result of unexpected short-term cancellations, we highly recommend that you purchase trip cancellation insurance. Roam Right can provide a free quote very easily, and you’ll find that it’s not very expensive.




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