September for the Win

You might get tired of hearing me saying this, but…SEPTEMBER IS AWESOME!


Below are just a few of the many reasons why you simply can’t beat fall on the Kenai…


  1. No Crowds – The majority of the fisheries here on the Kenai Peninsula are accessible by road, so during the middle of the summer we sometimes have to deal with battling other anglers for space. But just after Labor Day each year the competition thins out substantially, leaving plenty of space on the roads and rivers of the Kenai Peninsula.                                        .                                   .
  2. Scenery – Alaska is known for its incredible sights, and while it’s very scenic throughout the entire year here in the last frontier, there’s something about the golden leaves of September that accents the already gorgeous landscape. A photo of an angler holding a big trout or salmon with the fall colors and mountains in the background is an opportunity you don’t want to miss out on.                                                                                                                           .    .
  3. Wildlife – For some reason, Mother Nature seems to really like to show off in the fall. All kinds of critters come out of the woodworks in September, and when they’re active that means you get a great chance to see them yourself. Your very best chance to see Moose, Caribou, Bears, Eagles, Waterfowl, Grouse, Dall Sheep, and all the highlight species is in September.  .
  4. Cost – Ask Alaskan locals when their favorite time to be fishing is, and the vast majority will tell you it’s September without hesitation. But despite this reality, the fall season is often when guides and outfitters have a hole or two in their calendars. For this reason, many are willing to offer their best deals of the season during the period that they agree is actually the best time to be here! I highly recommend that you take advantage…                                                                                                      .
  5. The Fish – Last but certainly not least, the fishing in September is incredible. The rivers are full of silver salmon, and just like the wildlife, the massive rainbow trout of the Kenai seem to come out of nowhere and start biting readily. Despite what some might tell you, the halibut fishing continues to be great through the month of September, and many of the largest halibut of the year are caught during this month. What makes September especially fun is the variety of methods we utilize to catch fish. Some days you might find yourself throwing spinners, floating bobber & eggs, twitching jigs, trolling plugs, casting flies, bottom bouncing and everything in between!

Interested in checking out what the Kenai Peninsula has to offer during the most wonderful time of the year?  Get in touch by emailing and we’ll put together a fishing & lodging package customized just for you! 


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