When Should I Go To Alaska?

What an impossible question to answer!

First of all, if you stay between May and November, there’s not a bad time to visit the Last Frontier. But if you have specific goals or expectations for your trip, then you’re going to want to tune in your travel time, so the question about what time to come to AK is best answered with another question… “What do you want out of your trip???”


For example: Do you want to catch lot of fish or trophy fish? Do you mind crowds? Do you want to actively fish or sit and wait for the bite? Is filling the freezer your main goal? What are your goals?


Knowing the answer to questions like these are extremely important for an outfitter to know, not only to help you select the dates you should target, but also the types of trips and guides that they should set you up with. The bottom line is that the more we know about you, the more we can help you and give you the best odds of finding personal success on your fishing vacation.


Here are some general guidelines to follow:


Want to catch lots of fish?
Focus on the late summer season (August & September) to catch aggressive silver salmon, abundant pink salmon, and trophy rainbows & dollies.


Want to trophy fish for giant King Salmon?
Focus on late May through the end of July.


Want to bring fish home for the freezer?
Focus on the tasty species of abundance such as sockeye, silvers, and halibut.


Want to avoid the crowds?
The “shoulder season” in AK doesn’t necessarily mean the fishing will be slower… late May and early June, as well as September and October provide some of the best fishing of the season at times, and the vibe is much more relaxed in comparison to our busy month of July.


Contact us and let us know exactly how you envision the perfect Alaskan fishing vacation, and with the info you provide we’ll be able to get your trip dialed in so your “trip of a lifetime” is exactly what you hoped for.


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