Alaska Car Rental Hacks



The majority of tourists that fish with us fly-in to Anchorage, rent a car, then make the gorgeous 2.5 to 3 hour drive south to us here in Soldotna. The drive is a truly magical introduction to Alaska as it winds its way around the Turnagain Arm surrounded by mountains that seem to shoot up directly from the ocean, traverses the rugged Chugach mountains through one of the most beautiful mountain passes you’ll ever see, then drops down into the Kenai River valley as you wind your way along the emerald-green headwaters of the Kenai River and onto the flats of the central Kenai Peninsula. You’ll have great chances of seeing moose, Dall sheep, bald eagles, bears, glaciers, and of course many incredible landscapes that only Alaska provides.

Not only will your rental car get you to & from Alaska’s hub of Anchorage, it’ll also come in very handy during your stay in the area.  Whether you’re staying in a log cabin on the river, a local hotel, or in an Airbnb in the surrounding area, you’ll need your vehicle in order to meet your fishing guide on the trip(s) you book with us.  Finally, your rental vehicle will provide you the freedom to run to town, go sightseeing on your downtime, and check out local restaurants on your own schedule.

So now that we’ve established that a rental car or truck is necessary for your Alaska vacation to the Kenai Peninsula, let’s talk about some of the tricks we’ve learned over the years that can benefit you when booking your rental car for your Alaska vacation:





If you haven’t heart of Turo yet, it’s time you do. Turo is a network that allows private individuals to put their own car up for rent to the public. Think of it as Airbnb, but for vehicles rather than homes. Many times you can find deals on this website that saves you hundreds of dollars. It may seem too good to be true, but Turo actually provides liability insurance as well so it’s a great alternative to conventional car rental companies.




Yes, that UHAUL!  You almost certainly know about UHAUL’s moving trucks and trailers, but did you know that they rent pickup trucks and vans too?  The best part is that these trucks and vans typically rent for significantly less than what you’d pay with a conventional car rental company. UHAUL can be a very sneaky and effective way to get a vehicle for your time in Alaska.



Alaska Adventure Car and Camper Van Rental

You may have noticed that car rental prices have gone absolutely nuts over the past couple years. Companies raised their rates during the post-COVID travel craze, and the vast majority of them have kept their rates high despite the simmering of the market. But Alaska Adventure Car Rental is not every other car rental business, and are choosing to voluntarily reduce their prices by 20-30% on all rentals for the 2024 season! Check them out!



Alaska 4×4 Rentals

Alaska 4×4 Rentals is located in the heart of Anchorage, and is 100% Alaska owned. Despite their name, they also offer sedans in addition to their collection of trucks, jeeps, and vans. The best part is that Alaska 4×4 Rentals is offering 15% off exclusively for Fishology clients!



Renting on the Kenai

Some guests prefer to fly directly into Kenai and rent a car locally. It’s generally quite a bit more expensive, but it’s a more convenient way to go for some travelers. There are a few car rental companies in the area, including a few national companies located right at the Kenai Airport. There’s also a local company called Midway Auto that can save you some money, but also has saved a few of our guests when rental cars were difficult to find.  Give them a call if you’re in a pickle!






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