How To Book An Alaska Fishing Vacation

The process of lining out an Alaskan fishing vacation may seem simple, but once you start digging into the details it’s easy to get overwhelmed very quickly.  Alaska is a huge state, and an internet search exposes the hundreds of lodges, charter businesses, car rental companies, tour operators, travel agencies, and more trying to feed you information and sell you on their version of the Alaskan experience. The information is often misleading and contradictory, and can leave you frustrated and ready to give up on your dream trip!  If you get lucky and find the right outfitter, your experience will be much more pleasant, but getting lucky isn’t a great strategy to count on so I’m providing a list of steps and a bunch of tips that will help you get your trip-of-a-lifetime secured, ensuring your experience is everything you dreamed it would be…
Step 1 – Book Your Lodging
Lodging is often the limiting factor when it comes to availability in Alaska. There is only so much of it, especially the good spots, and savvy Alaskan visitors know that it often books up years in advance. You’ll have a range of options including Airbnb’s, Hotels, Fishing Lodges, and even RV’s/camping.  There are benefits and drawbacks to each of these options (ask us about it), but the sooner you can get your accommodations locked in, the sooner you can get on with planning all the fun you’re going to have!
Step 2 – Book Your Fishing Trips & Excursions
Similar to good accommodations, the best fishing guides and guide services book up well in advance, especially for our busiest part of the season. You can sometimes find some scattered availability on short-notice, but the odds are that these seats are open for a reason.  There are plenty of guides and outfitters to choose from, and it can often feel like you’re playing guide roulette, but some strategic research will get you pointed in the right direction. Of course we believe we are the premium choice when it comes to booking fishing trips and excursions, but we encourage you to check out TripAdvisor Reviews to see what actual customers are saying about the experiences they had. It’s also important to find the service that meshes well with your personality and group dynamics. For example, some guides are a much better fit for a “guy’s trip” than they are with young families.  Another factor is that some guides may prefer a certain strategy or technique that doesn’t fit well with your expectations. Matching your group dynamics, specific desires, and expectations with your guide’s strengths is an underrated aspect of booking trips. This is where we shine, and the primary reason our guests walk away with smiles on their faces!
Step 3 – Book Your Flight
Prices on flights often increase as the travel dates grow closer, so there’s no reason to hesitate when booking flights. Most major airlines fly right into Anchorage International Airport, so you shouldn’t’ have any trouble finding a flight that matches your itinerary, as long as you don’t wait too long!  Most of the cheap flights will be red-eyes that land in the early morning or very late at night. Some guests choose to stay the first night in Anchorage rather than making a late night run to the Kenai Peninsula. But if you can get a flight that lands in the late morning or afternoon, your travel becomes a bit more comfortable, giving your plenty of time to make your trip, get checked into your lodging, get some rest, and get prepared for your first adventure.
Step 4 –  Book Your Car Rental
The majority of our guests rent a car in Anchorage, and car rentals can be at a premium during our busy summer season. We have some great tips to help ease this burden, which can be read in our blog “Alaska Car Rental Hacks.”  I highly recommend you explore the options we provide in this blog as they can often save you hundreds of dollars!
Step 5 – Prepare Yourself for Alaska
The good news is that you don’t have a long list of things you need to bring with you.  We provide all the gear you’ll need on every trip, so your packing list is primarily made up of warm layered clothing.  Don’t feel the need to over-pack and bring a bunch of extra gear!   If you bring along a good base-layer, hoodies, a jacket, warm socks, sunglasses, and rain gear then you should be all set.  Keep in mind that the Kenai Peninsula has a few stores that have everything you need, just in case you accidentally leave something at home. So don’t stress it too much, just show up and be ready for an epic fishing vacation!
Of course we are more than willing to answer any additional questions you have about any aspect of the logistics of booking an Alaskan fishing vacation. We hope we are your choice for fishing and/or lodging, but even if you decide to go a different direction, Fishology is still here to help make your planning easier.



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