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Guides Should be Clients too!

I’ll never forget my first time being guided. It felt pretty weird if I’m being honest, mostly because I’m so accustom to being the guy that does everything. I bring the gear, I drive the boat, I tie the knots, and I am the so-called expert. Having someone else rig my rod and unhook my fish was a new and strange experience for me, but I’ll mostly remember my first guided trip because it provided a brand new perspective that I hadn’t even realized I needed until that day.   . Here are some things I learned: . Hi’s One of the first lessons I learned was just how important the morning greeting is. I’ve had guides that barely say hello, and I’ve had guides that were very enthusiastic about the day ahead. Your greeting...

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May 2020 Update Fishology & Orca Lodge

As you might expect, we've been getting plenty of questions from our scheduled and potential guests in recent weeks, asking about how COVID-19 might effect their ability to travel to Alaska and/or stay & fish with us this season. The honest answer to that question right now is that we don't know anything for sure right now, and that's a difficult for everyone. However, recent signs point to relaxing of restrictions and with that an increasing likelihood that we'll be able to operate safely and effectively with guests from all around the world in the very near future. In order to alleviate the stress that comes with the current uncertainty, we have relaxed our cancellation policy so that folks with reservations can "wait and see" without risking the loss of...

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Kenai River Combo Fishing

Great river guides have a few principles that set them apart from their competitors. One of those principles is that they are willing & ready to turn just about any river-fishing trip into a “combo” trip. Many times a guest comes to the Kenai River with a very clear vision of what they want to fish for, but many times that vision becomes slightly clouded as they enter into the reality of a dynamic and unpredictable fishery with a multitude of factors. No matter how hard we try to predict those factors, such as the strength and timing of the runs, often the fish throw us for a loop. It’s times like these that it pays massive benefits to be prepared, versatile and flexible. . Being prepared for anything has saved many a day on the river. One of the most...

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