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Kenai River Combo Fishing

Great river guides have a few principles that set them apart from their competitors. One of those principles is that they are willing & ready to turn just about any river-fishing trip into a “combo” trip. Many times a guest comes to the Kenai River with a very clear vision of what they want to fish for, but many times that vision becomes slightly clouded as they enter into the reality of a dynamic and unpredictable fishery with a multitude of factors. No matter how hard we try to predict those factors, such as the strength and timing of the runs, often the fish throw us for a loop. It’s times like these that it pays massive benefits to be prepared, versatile and flexible. . Being prepared for anything has saved many a day on the river. One of the most...

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Kenai Kings – Landing a True Giant

There are only a few places in the world that an angler can have realistic chance at getting bit by a truly giant salmon. Even in these very special places opportunities are rare, so when that extraordinary chance presents itself, you want to make it count. I'm not talking about your everyday nice catch.  I'm talking about true giants - salmon that can only be found in a couple places on Earth, salmon that test even the best gear and tackle out there, salmon that stretch out over 50 inches long! Even though they are becoming increasingly rare, the Kenai River is still the best bet for an angler to bump into a massive king salmon. I've done battle with quite a few monsters in the past, and learned my...

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